How to Keep Your Silver Jewellery Safely at Home

How to safe Silver Jewellery

Jewelry is one thing that is kept by all at a safe place at home so that it can be use on occasions and festivals. All kind of jewelry are valuable whether it is made by Platinum, Gold, or Silver and every jewelry had some memory also that’w why also people kept all their jewelry at the safest place. But do you know how and keep your jewelry safe so that you can wear at any time. And if it is not kept properly, the shine, look, design, and metal could be damaged. So here we will discuss on some points where we will come to know how to kept valuable silver jewelry safely at home.

Use a Jewelry Wooden Box: -

There are many jewelry boxes available in the market which are made by plastic, metal, wooden or etc. but the best is wooden jewelry box and if it has a delicate lining then this is the best option to keep your jewelry. See that the jewellery box you choose has adequate space to hold each jewellery piece without lining on itself. Because the wooden box is stronger than others so there won’t be a risk of damaging your valuable silver jewelry. You can even keep your all typed of jewelry and even stones also.

Keep Clean Jewelry in a Neat Area: -

Select your jewelry box that is strong and spacious so that you can store your jewelry items separately but before that, you need to neat your jewelry and that place also. If your jewellery is neat and your box & place is dusty, there is a probability that your jewellery will embody the dinginess and stink of the surrounding. Clean up your jewellery box, and ensure that the area is dry, clean, and smells nice.

Keep Silver Jewellery in a dry and dark area: -

Silver jewelry is most appropriately stored in a jewelry box whose has a delicate lining inside the box. This material assists with the absorption of excess moisture and prevents early wearing out. It is also advisable to keep fine jewellery off direct rays of the sun because some stones can lose their properties from prolonged exposure to Ultraviolet light. Also keep away your silver jewelry from surrounding air because in this case, silver can change their shining.

Airtight Box or Zip Locks: -

You can also store your jewellery in an airtight box or zip lock to preserve the polish for a longer time. Your precious silver or gold jewelry should be stored in a cloth-lined jewellery box or wrapped a soft cloth to maintain the shine and quality of pearls.

Humidity Levels: -

Humidity is also factor where your jewelry can be damaged. and ensure a constant temperature. Try to place your jewellery boxes in an interior space that is always cool and dark. You can use silica packets for your jewellery box as well to take in the moisture leftover also.

Use Anti-tarnish Paper:-

While storing your jewellery, try to wrap each piece of your jewelry in anti-tarnish paper or an eyeglass cloth. Anti-tarnish paper will maintain the shine of the jewellery.