Latest Silver Earrings Designs for Women in 2022

silver jhumaka

Earrings are the most common and popular form of jewelry adorned by women all over the world. Almost all age group female wears earrings and every woman has her own preference, style, and fashion. For daily wear, they prefer small studs and beautiful danglers for special occasions & festivals. Silver earrings are very famous and comfortable. Silver earrings are available in a range of designs in the market. Out of hundreds of patterns, we will discuss some of them:

Silver Jhumka Earrings:

Silver Jhumka earring is one of the most popular and very attractive classic forms of earrings. This earring pattern is used for centuries. The Jhumka earrings designs are conical, circular, or church bell in shape that looks so beautiful and amazing. This pattern is the first choice of all women and will never come to an end. Silver jhumka earrings are available in all sizes with a different weight scales.

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Silver Chandbali Earrings:

Chandbali earrings are crescent moon shape earrings with hanging droplets that’s why it is called Chandbali. Silver chandbali is the second most popular after jhumka. This pattern can be worn by all age groups. You can find silver chandbali anywhere and this pattern is available with gemstone also.

Silver Studs Earrings:

Silver Stud earrings are small jewelry piece which is worn by all on a daily basis. This pattern is the most common pattern. Presently women are waring more than one stud. Silver stud earrings can be worn in the earlobes which look stunning.

Silver Danglers:  

The long earrings are called Danglers that is available in different length. Silver Dangler earrings are always in the fashion. This is also the most popular form of earrings. Silver Danglers can be worn on modern or traditional dresses.

Silver Hoop Earrings:

Hoop Earrings are commonly known as Baali that is circular or semi-circular in shape. Silver Hoop earrings are available from a small circle (ring) to a big circle. These earrings compliment well with both attires; western or traditional attires.

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Silver Ear Cuffs:

Ear cuffs are one of the trending fashion earrings for women that covers the whole ear. It is like a bobby pin attached to the ear. Silver Ear cuffs go well especially with traditional costumes. 

Silver Chandelier Earrings:

These earrings are elaborated long dazzling earrings styled with various gemstones, crystals, and beads. Silver Chandelier earrings add a glamorous touch to a simple look.  These earrings are best to team with party wear apparel.