Sterling Silver Jewellery is The New Gold in World

Sterling Silver Jewellery

The price of gold is already on the life time high and experts are expecting that the trend will continue in future also. Although, traditionally, jewelry is made with gold but as per present scenario, it is very difficult for middle class families to afford gold jewelry. They wear gold jewelry on festivals or at special occasion only. So the new generation is moving towards sterling silver jewelry which is also called 925 silver jewelry. 

India is known for its amazing silver jewellery craft since ancient times. Jewelry which could be of gold and silver is kept for adverse situations in India. Almost everyone has their own little treasure of their favourite jewellery pieces, which passes from generation to generation. Jewelry is worn by an emperor to a common man. Earlier, the treasury of jewelry defined the position of an emperor. Now a days, due to inflation and the price rise in gold, the jewelry trend is changing not only in India but also around the world. Now the sterling silver (925 silver) is the new gold.

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In India, the art of making beautiful 925 silver ornaments with so much delicacies and uniqueness is incredible. Indian 925 silver jewelry is famous for its delicate designs, precious stones, and meticulous craftsmanship. This is reason, jewelry made up of silver has become quite popular among people.

Jay Rasik Priya Silver Gallery’s antique silver jewelery collection has ethnic, handcrafted 925 sterling silver jewels in vintage, tribal and classic designs. It provides a variety of options like antique silver rings, earrings, necklace, bracelets and gifts for all from the best of handcrafted silver jewelry made from 925 Silver as we believe 925 Silver is the new Gold. 925 sterling silver jewelry is high in demand all over the world due to its quality, light weight and cost effectiveness, which is what a woman wants. This type of jewelry makes one feel and look elegant like a diva.

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Jay Rasik Priya Silver Gallery’s sterling silver modern jewelery is trending and most demanding as they have a huge collection of all kind of 925 silver jewelry. Here the latest designs and collection of silver modern jewellery is adorable and unique. It is the perfect combination of traditional yet contemporary jewellery which will create statements for all of your ensembles. You can find a huge variety of silver jewelry for your loved ones. Our silver modern design jewellery can be worn on any attire of your choice be it a traditional or western. We care for you and your tastes and preferences. We have our own manufacturing unit where you can dream and where we can make your dream come true.

Jay Rasik Priya Silver Gallery’s collection is unique and reasonable. That is why it is the number one shopping destination in India. Everyone of all age groups can proudly wear our pure silver jewelry made with .925 Silver for years to come. You can shop our silver jewellery online for yourself and your loved ones. Our range caters to most of the budgets and also makes a great gift for your family members and friends.